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Setup Outlook for use with the Exchange Public Address List ...
Setup Outlook for use with the Exchange Public Address List

    Setup Outlook for use with the Exchange Public Address List

    1) First Open Outlook and Click on the Folder view icon to see entire folder list available to you in Outlook.

    2) Next scroll the Folder view window pane and open the Public folder plus sign and then click All Public Folders, then click once the Public Address List icon to highlight it. Right Click on this same list and choose \'Properties\'.

    3) Then Public Address List properties box opens. Select the \'Outlook Address Book\' tab and check the \'Show this folder as an e-mail Address book\' box and click OK.

    (NOTE: If this option is “Grayed Out” and cannot be selected. Please see the options to enable this feature at the end of this document. You will need to return to this step and continue.)

    4) Close Outlook. Email or print to fax any document. Click on the \"Address Book\' button.

    5) From the Address Book window, click the drop down button on the \'Show Names from the:\' section and select the \'Public Address List\' under the Outlook Address List section

    6) Grayed Out Instructions:

    Outlook 2002, 2003, or 2007 Terminal Server Public Folder Address book availability for email setup instructions.

    Note that the ‘Show this folder as an e-mail Address book is “Grayed Out” and cannot be selected. Close this window and follow the below instructions.

    This will generally occur when using Outlook while logged into the Terminal Server .Click the Menu bar option Tools > Email Accounts > View/Change existing directories and address books, and Click ‘Next’ button.

    Click the “Add” button on the E-mail Account window to add a new address book.

    Click the Radio button on the ‘Additional Address Books’ Choice and click “Next’

    Highlight the Outlook Address book Choice and Click ‘Next’

    Outlook will have to be closed and restarted to enable access to the Public Folders Address books. Click ‘OK’

    Click ‘Finish” button and exit (Close) Outlook and restart Outlook. Return to Step 2.


    1. Make sure the \'Show this folder as an email address book\' is ticked under the public folder contacts. (Right click properties on the public contacts, select properties, and click the \'outlook address book tab\')

    2. Right click again on the public contacts and select \'add to favorites\'.

    If that does not work. To resolve this do the following:

    After selecting \'add to favorites\' on the public contacts you will find that under the \'public folders\' list a new folder is created called favorites.

    1. Right click on the contacts under the new favorites folder and select \'Properties\'.
    2. Select the \'Administration tab\'
    3. Click on the button that says: \'Add this folder to Contacts\'


    Also you can try this command line option to fix the problem

    Start Outlook with a switch > Start > Run > Outlook /resetnavpane


    Lastly if your reading this you are about to pull your hair out to just delete the outlook profile off the local system and then re setup the outlook account and see if that solves your problem.


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