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Running consistency check for application Exchange ...
(posted by Steven A on 2011-12-01 10:15:21)
Windows Server Backup stuck on “Running Consistency Check for Application Exchange” for Exchange 2010

    The cause of this is that there are an excessive amount of log files to process, which can happen with a large amount of activity or if you haven’t performed a successful backup recently.

    Two way to fix this.

    1 - and safest way, let the backup complete. Depending on the number of log files that can take hours and even days.


    2 - Open Exchange Manger go to the properties of each database, and enable Circular Logging. With Exchange 2010 SP1, you do not need to dismount the mailbox store and then mount it again for this to take effect. It should take less than an hour, but ultimately you will see the log files evaporate into the ether. Once that happens, you can disable circular logging and then run your backup again.


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