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HP Printer says Initializing and will not go ready ...
(posted by Steven A on 2008-10-24 18:04:22)
HP Printer says Initializing and will not go ready. Will not let you print anything on printer or respond.

    Turn off printer and then turn it on. Press and hold the Green Check box while it is booing when it is counting ram. Keep it held until all the lights on the bottom are solid. Then go to the menu and check Cold Restart. Then press Check box. Then it will cold restart the printer. Then update the firmware on the printer. Go to hp website and download the right firmware. copy the firmware to the c:\ (the actual time extracted) then open a command prompt on the command prompt type c: \ ftp ipaddress.of.printer (press enter pass username and password) then type in put (firmware filename) Then it should update the firmware.


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